Our Story

A couple embarked on a quest to blend scents that would tell the story of their travels, capturing the emotional freedom that had dignified their souls. They wanted to create a perfume line that embodied the very spirit of one's heart, no matter the cost.
L'Arc was born—a brand inspired by their unwavering belief in the power of venturing through to the other side, a brand that embodies the endless journey of discovery. Every bottle of L'Arc perfume is a testament to their remarkable journey, a vivid reminder that the cost of following your heart is high, but the happiness it brings is worth every risk taken. So, let the scent of L'Arc remind you that your heart's desires are worth pursuing, no matter where they may lead.

Their journey took them on a grand European adventure. A continent steeped in history and culture awaited their eager exploration. As they traversed from country to country, the ever-changing landscapes and a rich tapestry of scents greeted them at every turn. It awakened their senses in ways they'd never imagined.

As the pages of our love story continues to unfold, I find solace in the memories we created in the enchanting streets of France.
L'Arc, born in Grasse, now embraces Parisian chic. We source the finest ingredients globally, ethically crafting scents that celebrate the legacy of french perfumery.
Our fragrances unite nations in a modern symphony of allure.
Established in Grasse, and now we are in Paris, spreading the love where all the action is.